The US National Institute of Health has determined:

 Free Radicals come from our daily exposure to toxins and
are a primary cause of deteriorating health as we age

 Estimated each cell of our body attacked by free radicals   
  10,000 times a day

 We can’t eat enough fruits and vegetables every day to  
  battle free radical damage and need to take an antioxidant  
  to supplement our diets

 Antioxidants play a major role in helping us stay healthy 
  and live longer

Improved energy + vitality
 Strengthened immune system
 Strong protection against
4 key areas of aging:

      DNA damage
      Genetic regulators
      Cellular energy reduction
      Cell damage
Improved cardio vascular system
 Reduced inflammation
 Improved sexual health

Muscadine Grape Association of America


Educate consumers about the extensive health benefits of
Muscadine, our American, native grape
Offer the finest Muscadine products
Increase Muscadine consumer awareness and product sales
Enable American farmers to shift from unhealthy crops
such as tobacco to an economically viable alternative
with powerful health benefits: the MUSCADINE GRAPE
Create new jobs and grow the American economy

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