What is the Muscadine?

Muscadine Grapes are native to the United States. This rare American grape is grown in the hot, harsh and unyielding climate of the Southeastern US.

Because of the extremely difficult growing conditions Muscadine Grapes developed an extra pair of chromosomes other grapes don't have and which evolved into an internal protection system enabling the muscadine to defend itself from the intensely difficult environment, insects and disease.

Thanks to research triggered by the Human Genome Project we now know Muscadines proactively pass those fighting, defense capabilities on to our bodies with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other health protection properties such as anti-cancer mechanisms.

We want to get the word out about dozens of prestigious medical and scientific research centers' studies have shown the muscadine and its all natural ways to protect our health.


Here are some of the medical and scientific research institutes studying the MUSCADINE:

• Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York
• University of Maryland Medical Center
• National Center for Complimentary and Alternative
   Medicine, National Institutes of Health
• University of Georgia, Nutraceutical Research Labs
• National Cancer Institute
• Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
• University of Texas, Anderson Cancer Center
• Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York
• Uniformed Services University of Health Services,
  Bethesda, MD
• ....many, many more medical research centers

Go to www.pubmed.org the National Institutes of Health website and search "muscadine grapes" to learn more.